Not about the Eggs

This is a personal experience I had while volunteering over the Christmas period many years ago. I had been given some space in local mall to offer personalized stationary and return address labels to customers and was donating all the money to Child Find a national organization that helps find missing and abducted children.

One Sunday I was craving Bacon and Eggs and the local A&W restaurant in the mall had those, so I went up to order them and the girl behind the counter said sorry sir we do not have them on Sundays. I was devastated, but she was so friendly etc and said well you know if you order it on muffin or bun it is about the same and we have a deal on now if you order the combo and comes with hashbrowns and coffee at a special price.

I said OK and took my order back to my little spot in the mall, but not before I made a note of her name that was on a name badge she was wearing.

When I had a moment I wrote a letter to the management of A&W and in the letter I let them know what great service I got and to keep hiring great people like the girl that served me and of course to pass the comments on to the employee (one never knows if the employee ever hears about her good job). In the afternoon I walked to the of A&W and asked to speak to manager, she came out from the back and I said I had a letter regarding service. The first thing she said was “what did we do wrong” I said it was a good letter and she opened it read it and said thank you very much and I said you are very welcome I went back my place in the mall.

About a week passed and this girl in street cloths asked me I was the one that wrote the letter and I said what letter? (she looked much different in her street cloths than her A&W outfit).She said I work over there at A&W and I said I am person that wrote the letter.

She said “Thank You” and started to cry a bit….I am seventeen years old and no one has ever told me I have done a good job at anything. She thanked me again for the letter and left.

Do you think she is going to be a better employee, a better mom etc.

What did it cost me?….ten minutes of my time…what are the results?…well you figure it out.

Think twice before you complain about something and do not think just act and pass on kindness when you receive it.It is all about the little things that make the big differences in the world.

A personal story by Larry the founder of this web site.

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