we need you

We need more like you

In this time of turmoil and uncertainly in the world, with the COVID-19 pandemic,
we need more than ever kind and caring people.

In the mall I have noticed a black board at the entrance, each time I see it there is a positive/inspirational quote written neatly on it.

The quotes themselves bring me peace and joy. The world can seem so chaotic and frightening, people rush through life barely giving anything a second thought.

So the fact someone takes time out of their own day to uplift mine and others is a really sweet and grounding thought.

There are people in the world that still manage to see meaning and hope, and care enough to share it with others.

I reach out to you who….whoever you are to suggest positive content to this site and do your part to make people smile and not worry.
Send or forward a positive to comment or good deed to someone you know who can not get out to visit their friends during this uncertain time we are going through….I promise you it will make them feel batter and in the process you will also feel better.

We will get through it and is much easier to do this if we do not panic and just help where we can and remain positive.

Larry & Bolt
Founders of www.Dontworrybehappy.ca

1 thought on “We need more like you”

  1. I love what your have said. It is very true, be kind and do not hoard things, but rather see who needs what you may have more of and give them

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